February 4, 2009

Obama Passes Schip-One Step Closer To the Edge

IMPEACH OBAMA NOW! Not only are we going to be responsible now for paying for other kid's health care now (4 million mostly low income WELFARE recipients). Obama today also said that we shouldn't give other nations of the world a "pertectionist" image of ourselves. I am referring to the section of the "porkulus" where it stated that with all the new infrastructure jobs this thing is trying to create that we should all "Buy American" and use only our made products in the repair of out streets, schools and everything else. He turns around and takes that out of the stimulus and says that we don't want other nations to think we are out for ourselves only!! WHAT IS HE SAYING?? The last I checked this country WAS and IS the only thing we should be out for. Now we have to pay for everyone's child to be taken care of. This man has to be stopped before it's to late...IMPEACH NOBAMA NOW!!

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