February 3, 2009

Daschle Out, Obama Down

We're going to miss those sporty red glasses.Tax cheat Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination today for Health and Human Services Secretary today.Breitbart reported:
Tom Daschle has withdrawn his nomination to be Health and Human Services secretary. That's according to a joint White House statement from President Barack Obama and his former nominee. Obama said Tuesday he accepted the withdrawal "with sadness and regret." Obama goes 0-for-2 today.Related... Obama's popularity continues to plummet after 2 weeks in office:
In today's Rasmussen survey, President Obama's approval rating is down to 61 percent. There's nothing wrong with that, but there's nothing special about it, either. It's in line with what most Presidents have experienced near the beginning of their terms; slightly lower, actually, than George W. Bush's approval rating in the Gallup poll 60 days into his first term, notwithstanding the acrimony surrounding the 2000 election.Obama's decline was inevitable once he actually started making decisions.

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