July 8, 2009

Sinking Sinking Gone

Of all the lame reasons for supporting the absurd candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama for President, possibly the most preposterous was that this underqualified, ultra-left extremist would "unite us." Unsurprisingly, he has done the opposite.
According to Rasmussen, 37% strongly disapprove of the Moonbat Messiah, despite the relentless media campaign on his behalf, and the psychological ju-jitsu by which our rulers have subconsciously convinced many of us that we are "racists" if we oppose him. Strongly approve gets 32% and crumbling, leaving only 31% who haven't yet been politically polarized after a mere 6 months.
The hard left may have overplayed its hand by installing an actual communist in the White House. His demented policies could succeed at destroying America and replacing it with a half-starved socialist slave state. But if they don't, the backlash should rid us of moonbattery for generations. Maybe the Community Activist in Chief will unite us after all.

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