July 21, 2009

Healthcare Debate Stalled Until Fall

The 1,018 page Health Care Bill (that no one would have read) is not getting the approval faux-bama was hoping for even from within his own Party and promises to try again in the Fall. If I were to guess the reason for the stall, I would say it was the 2010 elections fast approaching many of these dems. Americans are starting to wake up as more people are losing their savings, homes, jobs, unemployment figures are closing in on 20% nation wide, welfare needs are going up, and obamavilles are springing up around the Country.
Is it Reality to think that Americans are concerned about their health care if they have no job or no where to live? Of course, only a bureaucrat would think of what will perpetrate his job rather than thinking about serving those who pay for his job!
The truth of the matter is that this faux-administration and Congress are out of control. They refuse to see the Law of Cause and Effect, and continue pushing forward their massive spending agenda because of their Super Majority and lack of any checks or balances with no thought of where this money is going to come from and who will have to pay for it.
When Obama is long gone, and I hope that is very soon, our sons and daughters will still be paying for his government jobs creation programs! This is flat out Marxism, French style or Russian style, doesn’t matter, governments that over spend eventually crush under its own weight.
I did a survey on my block which I would encourage you to do as well. I counted how many people live on my corner of my village and what jobs they had and this is the result that I tallied:
Out of 30 neighbors:
Retired and on Social Security, welfare and or disability – 10
Government Employees – 4
Unemployed from private companies – 5
Those who work for a private company - 4
Retired living off personal retirement – 1
Homemakers/not working outside of home - 3
Children - 2
Adult unknown what kind of job – private or government (?) -1
Let me go even further and say that in my circle of friends who are not retired, most of my buds have lost their jobs, are currently on unemployment, or have had their unemployment run out, and have quit looking for work. There are three people working.
I am not saying that all neighborhoods will end up like mine, but as you can see we have four people who are creating a tax base, with five people who use to work for private companies, and the rest are living off the tax system! How will this work? I suggest you take a survey of your neighborhood, and see how many people create a tax base, and how many people actually suck off the tax base.
Now add the regular Congressional budget, the trillion dollar Stimulus Bill, TARP I and II, Cap and trade which will increase the average family tax burden by $3000. a year and a health care system that will make these other tax burdens look like a cake walk. How is it possible for this country to survive when we have Congress Critters who are only concerned with their own lives and creating government jobs that suck off the tax payer?
WILL SOMEONE ANSWER THE QUESTION???? And please spare me the,
“We have to spend money to make money” argument.
In our family and 99% of all families and businesses, we don’t spend money to make money! That’s an insane Looney Left Lie! We work! That’s how we make money! Then we save our money which is what China is now doing, and will become the world’s super power because of it. America used to save her money, but now America lives off a credit card. Eventually America will have to go bankrupt!
By the way as a side note: Did you know that Congress created a Law for themselves so that they do not pay into the Social Security system? They have their own private retirement accounts that they refuse YOU to have for yourself! You know why they don’t pay into this system? Because they know for a fact it will fail someday and they don’t want to lose the money they put into this failed system, but they care NOT if you lose your money!
This is NOT a representative Republic, but an oligarchy or mob rule!! Some people have more Rights than others, and it’s time it STOPS!

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