July 26, 2009

Obamacare: Health Care That Doesn't Care About Your Health

Obama is either starting to be strained by remaining in human form or his teleprompter was broken yesterday. His speach on health care was meandering, off topic and often unintelligible. You can view some of the stranger portions of it on Hot Air: Obama presser: What was the point?, Greedy doctors are coming after your tonsils or something, Sometimes the tonsils have to come out, champ. The Other McCain and Moonbattery also weigh in on the issue of Obamacare: The Other McCain: The basic problem with Obamacare, Moonbattery: A peek inside the Obamacare bill.
“Tonsilgate”, though, for all its weirdness, is just a diversion. It is part of the effort to convince the American people that there is some sort of emergency that only the government is capable of fixing. You are supposed to believe there are millions of people out there in desperate need of care, if only they could afford it. To make matters worse, there are evil doctors, motivated only by profit, who seek to remove your organs so they can make a few extra bucks. Someone needs to save the uninsured souls and protect us from scheming doctors. The problem is, its all bullshit. Even if the numbers of uninsured were entirely accurate and all doctors were money hungry pirates, that’s not what this “health care” plan is about.
This plan is about the same thing as everything Obama has done since he took office. This plan is about power. Obama’s presidency thus far goes right to one of the fundamental differences between true conservatives and what many Democrats and too many Republicans have become. Conservatives, and the guys who wrote the Constitution, believe that you have certain rights, everyone does. You are endowed with these rights by God and therefore they shall not be taken away by a government. I think they even put something like that in the Constitution somewhere. People voluntarily turn over some of these rights to a government for the purpose of an orderly and civil society. Obama-types believe quite the opposite. You have no inherent rights. Priveleges are doled out by the government and can be revoked at any time. This includes the most important “privelege” of all, life.
Obama has surrounded himself with eugenicists and disciples of eugenicists. His “regulatory Czar” nominee, Cass Sunstein has written books on the legal rights of “nonhuman animals” and associates with Peter Singer. Peter Singer is a professor and eugenicist who has stated that you should be able to “abort” a child up to the age of 2. He then apoligized, stating that he shouldn’t have put an age limit on it. He also thinks killing retarded people would be fine since they don’t really serve any purpose. In Obama, Notre Dame and a new abortion solution, I illustrated where this sort of thinking leads and was accused of hijacking a legitimate discussion on abortion for ludicrous chatter. Read some of Peter Singer’s work and see how ludicrous my exagerated scenario sounds.
Hillary Clinton is a big fan of Margaret Sanger, a eugenicist and founder of Planned Parenthood. She has even compared Margaret to Thomas Jefferson.
Obama’s Science Czar, John Holdren (John Holdren: Alarmist extraordinaire) has written books on the topic of mass sterilization, forced sterilization and other such charming topics.
What does this have to do with healthcare? Well these people don’t believe you necessarily have a right to live, or a right to healthcare (though they use that front to push this through). Do you want to believe what they are saying now or what they have said their entire lives. These people will be controlling who recieves what kind of care and these people believe there is a mathematical formula out there that can determine such things. Too old to work? Guess what, don’t get sick because the doctor will be busy seeing someone who can still work. Oh, you’re black? Why didn’t you say so, the doctor hasn’t seen his share of minority patients this month. This isn’t about health or caring, its about taking one step closer to being God…I mean Darwin.

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