July 6, 2009

Obama's Lies About Health Care

The liberals love to throw out half-truths and "big lies" in order to pass their agenda, "ON THE DOUBLE" as the Obomunists like to try it. It's an EMERGENCY! It has to be done NOW or we'll all die, the economy will crumble, lions will lie down with lambs, etc. And in keeping with their lies, big lies, and D*MNED lies, liberals trot out the WHO report published in 2000. The report that shows us as ranked as #37 overall in health performance but #1 in spending and "OH THE HUMANITY" we must do something now!
Here comes the funny part. Like the gloBULL warminmg reports where they take the temps next to air conditioner exhausts or on an asphalt roofs, the WHO reports not only no longer rank nations (because it's too hard) but two professors from Princeton, Tsung-mei Chung and Uwe Reinhardt point out that the rankings are based on the ratio of the achieved values in comparison to the values that "should" have been obtained in reflection of the country's spending and educational levels. In other words, crap. The entire report(s) is/are based on the opinions of the people surveyed, with science totally out of the picture, kinda like Al Goreacle's gloBULL warming, gloBULL cooling, we're all gonna die BS.

In other words, it was "empathy" and "fairness" that overruled actual health care performance! The liberals will "empathize" with you when you have cancer and can't get care because there are no beds or some bureaucrat ruled that, "the expense is not cost-effective." You're too old, or not important enough, to rate that kind of treatment. Of course, the rich like Soros, Pelosi, Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, Dingy Reid, Feinstein, Comrade Barry, etc, will have their own doctor or be able to jump on a Gulfstream V to see a doctor in Switzerland.
Djibouti, for example, was ranked 3-5 on "fairness of financial contribution scale" but ranked ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY on responsiveness. So if you're waiting for an operation in Djibouti, you're gonna wait a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time. But liberals, please feel free to head to Djibouti because their treatment is "fairer" than ours. The Gunny will take a system that provides a shoulder arthoscopy in three months, from start to finish, via Tricare Prime.

Our infant mortality rate is among the best in the world and and our life expectantcy is up from 75 in 1990 and up from 77 (2000) to it's current level of 79 years old. In fact, the the WHO report stated that in the USA, 99% of all births attended by a skilled and trained health care provider,which is only surpassed by Tuvalu, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan! Has someone sounded the BULLSH*T alarm yet? That is the big lie number one from the leftists.
Big Lie number two is about how our healthcare spending is running rampant. No one on the left, in a party full of tort lawyers like Love Daddy LEFTwards, talks about the rise in lawsuits which causes a rise in malpractice insurance which drives up healthcare costs. In fact, according to WHO, in 2007, the USA health care spending actually DEcelerated, from 6.7% to 6.1% (2006). Who is driving up health care costs? Illegal aliens http://www.pnhp.org/news/2005/may/paying_for_health_ca.php and http://archive.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2005/12/26/170334.shtml
and http://www.theamericanresistance.com/issues/health_care.html and chiselers like the Democrats, a party comprised of 100% lawyers, suing everything and everyone to line their pockets. Every d*mn one of them a scumbag.

Big Lie number three is that the money paid out is systemic of a system run by bloated fat cats in the pharmaceutic companies yet liberals never ever discuss these same companies who have programs that give FREE drugs to those in need. What liberals DON'T like is that these companies don't dispense the drugs to EVERYONE free but actually check to make sure that these people are truly in need. That's a lesson the Federal Colossus could take full measure of, i.e., welfare, medicare, medicaid, etc. The whole bottom line is that Americans make the personal choice to spend THEIR money on getting the bets possible treatment available, whether it's perscription drugs or an operation.

Liberals continue to lie like a rug in their 4th big lie, that Americans want to see the system overhauled. Liberals are bound and determined to inflicit change in the healthcare system because it's, as they say, "broke", but refuse to fix a broken and defunct Social Security system or give school vouchers a chance to fix or broken public school system. A Gallup poll conducted in late 2008 revealed that: 49% preferred maintaining what we have.41% wanted change. the current system, while 41% wanted it to change. A Rasmussen poll conducted a scant few months ago revealed that:Only TWELVE percent think their healthcare coverage will improve under Comrade Barry's plan.Thity-seven percent think that their health care coverage will get WORSE under Barry's plan. In that poll, an overall 74% see Barry's plan not doing a D*MN thing for them but raising their taxes, which is what the left wants, besides control and power over the masses.

Their final big lie is that we all want to take care of those not covered. WRONG! Americans are not so stupid as to believe that there are people w/o coverage. One, some people choose to spend their money elsewhere and NOT buy coverage. Two, there are free clinics, county hospitals, and ER's take MUST treat people whether they can pay or not. Unfortunately, they're crammed with illegal aliens using them for THEIR free health care. The liberals fail to address that. In a poll done by the Kaiser Foundation, 54% of Americans are not willing to pay more out of THEIR pockets to give coverage to all.The whole issue is to seize control of YOUR healthcare in order to facilitate government control. When you rely on the Federal colossus for your food, water, medical needs, jobs, welfare checks, and social SUCkurity checks, you do what you're TOLD to do by the new aristocracy, the socialist elites.

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