June 18, 2009

The Wussy Liberals

or the sissification of the American Man by liberals. After watching Comrade Zero simper, pout, whine, and beg since the clown took over, and after watching the videos posted here over the last two days, this essay NEEDED to be written.
We are being led by women in men's clothing. This is not a slam on women, but on the weak-kneed, limp-noodle, gutless liberals who appease, kowtow, bow, and otherwise grease up and bend over for any criminal, tyrant, dictator, or thug. Once upon a time in America, men, REAL MEN, signed their own death warrants by putting their signature on the Declaration of Independence, and knew full well that if captured, they'd find themselves at the end of a rope, their families would be cast out of their homes, and the British would seize their property for the King. Once we had Congressmen like Davy Crockett who stated once: "You all can go to hell. I’m going to Texas!" Where he died at the Alamo, fighting for freedom. We had other politicians, who, for right or wrong, CANED another politician almost to the point of crippling him, for slandering the South. In other words, don't talk sh8t unless you can back it up, a far cry from the sissies we have now. Lawyers who talk and talk and talk and talk... When evil raised its ugly head in World War One, men went to war to crush it. In World War Two, men lined up to enlist. It's what men did. H*ll, we even had a President that shot rifles, went hunting, and loved to box! (Teddy Roosevelt) Indeed, many of us men grew up catching lizards and snakes, playing cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, having BB gun fights, brawling, rough-housing, rock fights, dirt clod fights, fist fights, King of the Hill, playing mumblypeg (the Gunny has a nice scar on his left foot where a jackknife went in...thanks again Sean!), and fished, hunted, and worked on becoming a man, with the ability to MAN THE F**K UP when it was called for. ith the liberals in charge, it ain't like that anymore.
The liberals have taken over the education system and seek to emasculate boys when THEY play Cowboys and Indians, fight, rough-house, and in some schools, RUNNING around at recess is a no-no. Guess "Red Rover" is out because someone MIGHT GET HURT! Liberals teach that violence is baaaaaaaad. That criminals are to be treated with the milk of human kindness instead of giving them a stomp down, shooting the b*stards, or horror of horrors, actually executing the vermin for capital crimes! Eating meat...BAD. Just ask the PETA morons. "Go vegan" cry the skinnies! Vegan men whose arms hang out of their shirts like strings but hey, they have a low carbon footprint! A scumbag breaks into your house, jump out of the window, run to a neighbor's house, and call 911 and hope the cops get there in time. Schools recommend Ritalin for "over-active" boys effectively turning them into an emasculated zombie and parent comply! We can't be having any restlessness, overt curiosity, or aggressiveness, can we? Get caught poking at a red ant nest at recess? You're suspended.
Indeed, look at TV today and the message put out by liberals and make no mistake, liberals RUN the mainstream media. Just ask ABC NEWS, now called Pravda and broadcasting from the White Crib. Men are made fun of on TV. In commercials, they are hapless idiots unable to clean up after themselves. In TV shows, like the one with Charlie Sheen (the name escapes the Gunny who never watched it), he's a buffoon. The same with Jim Belushi's show. Of course with Sex in the City, women are movers and shakers and men simply tools. Maybe liberal men ARE nothing more than tools, useful idiots, and excess baggage for the nation to carry. Bush lands on a carrier and gets sneered at. Saint Goreacle deep throats his pig on national TV and is applauded. Bush flies to Iraq unknown, to serve turkey to the troops, and gets denigrated. Comrade Zero flies to Iraq with planeloads of reporters on set up meetings with the troops and this is great stuff. The word "cowboy" is a curse word for leftists to use on us and has been since Reagan. We on the right are knuckle-dragging, swaggering, cowboys, according to liberals and Euro half-men. The sissification of the Eurotrash is definitely complete. German troops are too soft to go on patrol in Afghanistan. HAHA! Rommel is rolling over in his grave.
Since women got the vote, government has become more involved in our lives. Don't believe the Gunny, do the research. Men enjoy risk, women seek security and protection, it's the way we are wired but it seems that liberal men are more apt to be wired like their women, scared of risk, uncertainty, and danger and unable to overcome that fright. Just glance at what liberals espouse, i.e., cradle-to-grave welfare, cradle-to-grave health care, Social SUCKurity, and a hotline for the little girlylib men to call when they're scared and need reassurance, 800-MYOBAMA!
As for TV, witness the ad for Boyardee ravioli. The Dad reading the label that discusses more veggies in the mix and Mom beating on pots to shut him up. Why? Because junior won't EAT his veggies if he knew about it. SHEEEEEEEET! Growing up, the old man told you to clean your plate and you D*MN SURE DID or you sat there until you did. Not today. Can't hurt the little b8stard's self-esteem by snatching him up by the stacking swivel and reminding him who the F**K is running the show. The Gunny once stupidly lipped off to the old man, at age 13, and found himself jacked into a wall, hoisted up off of the ground, with two eyeballs burning a hole in him, reminding him who was the boss! Lesson learned.
Witness the worst show of the century, "Qu**r Eye For The Straight Guy". A group of mincing fagg0ts working to "turn" a man into a metrosexual! There can be no doubt that the chuckleheads on that show are liberal men because no self-respecting Conservative man would allow simpering h0m0s to change: his clothes, music, home d├ęcor and furnishings, etc. Men go for comfort, not fluff Brucie. We're slobs and we like our couches, recliners, worn-in clothes and shoes, and hammocks and that is the way things are. Then we get married, to a WOMAN, who TRY, emphasis on the word TRY, to civilize us by "changing" us. It rarely works but we like acting like MEN and secretly, conservative women (and lib women who won't admit it) like their men...acting like a man. That’s the natural order of things. Men talk about women, guns, politics, women, sports, women, hunting and fishing, women, and of course, power tools, and that is what men do. It's how WE are wired. And best of all, it's FUN! Libs must hate fun because they much veggies and polish their nails in keeping with their liberal metrosexualism! haha. Women own lapdogs and they seek to make their men lapdogs. Indeed, you just KNOW by looking that micHELLe Maobama runs that show. The Gunny would bet a big chunk of dough that Comrade Zero was never in a fight and indeed, was pounded on after he tried to talk, talk, talk, his way out of a jam. Not being able to defend yourself is stupid, not civilized. "Si vis pacem, para bellum" ("If you want peace, prepare for war!") Flavius Vegetius Renatus
What do liberal politicians do first? Why pass legislation to keep us from: fishing, hunting, smoking, pinching the secretary's butt, riding our Harley without a helmet (OH THE HUMANITY!), fighting over women (a male past time going back 10,000 years!), shooting scumbag who, as we say in the South, "needed killing," and outright raising a little h*ll. The Gunny will take someone like Reagan or Bush 41/43 over Comrade Zero, a mincing lightweight, or Saint Goreacle who had to HIRE a CONSULTANT to teach him how to act like a man! Haha. We won't even mention the highly nuanced Hanoi John Fonda Kerry! Don't forget, he served about 40 days in Vietnam and went on two or three patrols!
Men like it simple, uncluttered, uncomplicated, and straight-to-the-point and THAT is why we dig: John Wayne, Charlton Heston, Clint Eastwood, Robert Mitchum, Bogie, Bruce Willis, William Holden, etc. You mess with them, you're done, it's that simple. Jeff Cooper, a great pistolero and warrior stated once that the job of a real man is to: "to ride, shoot straight, and speak the truth." Unfortunately, liberal dipsticks like Comrade Zero FIRE people for speaking the truth, witness the firing of the guy at AmeriCorps, who exposed the corruption. Oops.
Liberals enjoy being victims, conservatives don't. Maybe that is the core of it. Conservatives shoot criminals while liberals try to understand them, sit down and talk with them, seeking to appease, and then BAM!, they get shot and robbed, beaten and raped, or all of the above with a slit throat to boot. The sissification of liberals began decades ago but they're pulling US into that vicious circle as well. Hitler once stated to adults in Germany that he could care less about what THEY thought, he had the kids and over time, they'd know nothing but what HE told them to think. Much in the same way, liberals are perverting the boys of America today. Liberals always expect others to take care of them IF they have unbridled loyalty to the system and to their party line. Maybe it's too late, who knows, but men, enjoy being a man. Enjoy being a Conservative. When your son comes home from school for fighting ask why and then DEFEND him against the school. Sometimes you HAVE to stick up for what you believe in, with nothing but a forecast of pain and suffering ahead. A fat lip is INFINATELY better than having the other kids in school call you a coward and here is where liberals get derailed. They stand for nothing and thus, fall for everything and NOTHING is a better example of that than Barry Soetoro getting played and punked around the world. Bush 43 is a cowboy and only the Eurogarbage, terrorists, and liberals did not like it! For all angles, it's better to BE a cowboy than a pretty little metrosexual like Barry, unable to fight his way out of a thick fog without mommy or micHELLe helping him. As far as the Gunny is concerned, the first family consists of four females and Barry is our first female potus! The sissification of American manhood continues with liberals but we must continue to fight that crap.

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