June 20, 2009

Grab Your Ankles..Your Taxes Are Going Up! Hey Obama Voters Hows That Workin Out For Ya?

Remember when the Moonbat Messiah was promising repeatedly that he would cut taxes for 95% of Americans? Apparently, some actually believed him, and didn't have the decency to care what outrageous injustices were inflicted on the other 5%, who would be made to pay for BHO's extravagant socialist policies. But what goes around comes around. To the surprise of no one with an IQ above 80, Chairman Zero will be jacking taxes through the ceiling on all of us:
House Democrats have lots of potential targets for higher taxes as they aim to expand health care coverage to reach the roughly 50 million that experts say are uninsured.
Also under consideration are higher alcohol taxes, increases to the Medicare payroll tax and a value-added tax, a sort of national sales tax, of up to 1.5 percent or more.
A value-added tax would hit every American who buys or sells anything. Obama et al. are also thinking about a 10¢ per can tax on "sugary drinks," taxing employer-provided health insurance benefits, and of course, further looting "the rich," who need to have money to spend and invest if the economy is to recover.
If this sounds bad, wait until the cap and trade lunacy effectively results in massive energy taxes, which will also hurt each and every one of us, including the fools who voted this socialist regime into office.

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