August 21, 2009

We Told You So Libs

Scha·den·freu·de - (shä-d?n-?fro?i-d?), noun, German, from Schaden damage + Freude joy, 1895, 1. Enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others.

The Gunny told you so. WE...told you so America. You did not listen. But you're listening now ain't ya? To the idiots who voted for Comrade Barry the Weak, you deserve every ounce of pain and suffering, financially, mentally, and physically that you get. Seriously. You suck. And seriously, we're digigng every minute of your suffering. Really. But in the black cloud of Barry World (no pun intended) the Dummycrats are falling to the earth faster than BJ Bubba's trousers in the Oral Office! Read on...and enjoy their pain.

EXCERPT: Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Barack Obama’s approval rating declined as a growing number of Americans said the Democratic president and Republican leaders aren’t working together on important issues. In a poll from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, 63 percent of Americans said they thought the two sides weren’t working together. While 29 percent of respondents said Republicans are most to blame for the lack of cooperation, 17 percent cited Obama, up from 7 percent in February, Pew said. Obama’s job-approval rating fell 3 percentage points, to 51 percent from 54 percent in July, within the survey’s error margin of plus-or-minus 2.5 percentage points. His rating stood at 61 percent in June. Independents were almost evenly divided, with 45 percent saying they approved of Obama’s performance and 43 percent saying they disapproved. In June, independents approved of Obama’s job performance by almost a 2-to-1 margin. Approval ratings for the Democratic Party also fell, with 49 percent of Americans saying they viewed the party favorably. That’s down 10 percentage points from April, Washington-based Pew reported. Democrats had a 62 percent favorable rating just before Obama’s inauguration in January. The 40 percent approval rating for the Republican Party has held steady all year.

What great news. The time is ripe for Conservatives to rise to the ocassion and take The Joker aka Barry Soetoro to task on his socialist regime and his Stalinesque tactics in use by his useful idiots.
EXCERPT: WASHINGTON -- Democrats on a House committee are seeking detailed financial records from dozens of large insurance companies, officials disclosed Tuesday, part of an investigation into "executive compensation and other business practices" in an industry opposed to President Barack Obama's plan to overhaul health care. The request included records relating to compensation of highly paid employees, documents relating to companies' premium income and claims payments, and information on expenses stemming from any event held outside company facilities in the past 2 1/2 years. The requests were made in letters signed by Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., who guided a portion of health care legislation through the House Energy and Commerce Committee last month as chairman, and Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., who heads the Energy and Commerce investigations and oversight subcommittee. The Senate bill imposes a new requirement that all persons who provide health care coverage to others must file a return with the IRS listing the names, addresses, social security numbers, and the coverage period for each person, and "such other information as the Secretary [of Health and Human Services] may prescribe." (Section 161(b) starting at page 107). The bill does not limit what information the Secretary may request, so it is conceivable and likely that information as to the nature of the coverage, the family members included, and other details will be reported to the IRS. The House bill contains similar provisions in section 401(b) (at pp. 175-176).So this is how we do business in America now? If someone opposes Barry we send out the SEIU union goons to "punch back harder" as Comrade Barry stated? And if a group opposes Barry's bullsh*t, he trots out a useful idiot like Nostrilus Waxman to [sic] the IRS on them? What these groups should do is ban together in a class action suit against Nostrilus and the other idiots involved in this. No, even better is that these companies should have their lawyers fire off a letter to Nostrilus, cc'ing Barry the Weak, saying something like:Dear Libs, we will be happy to provide the information requested just as soon as:1. Obama provides his real birth certificate.2. Obama provides his grades from Harvard and Columbia.3. Obama provides the information he used to go to college as a "foreign Student" and get grant money.4. Obama speeds the investigation of Charles "tax cheat" Rangel to a finish NOW!5. Obama speeds the investigation of Chris "the corrupted" Dodd to a finish NOW!6. Obama investigates to a satisfactory conclusion, the role of Barney "Ol Lispy" Frank and Chris "the corrupted" Dodd in the housing market meltdown.7. Obama closes Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac so that they can no longer payoff Obama, Dodd, etc.8. Special investigators look into the unconstitutional use of taxpayer's money in porkulous, bank seizures, GM firings and the purchase of GM (with union kickbacks), cash for clunkers, the payoff of ACORN in porkulous, and every other little scam Barry is running.9. Special investigations into the abuse of the taxpayer's money when Congress travels on private jets all over the globe with their family members, on junkets.10. Special investigations into the salaries of Congcritters and their staffers and how much do they REALLY need to do their jobs.11. The finalization of the investigation in ABSCAM Murtha and a settlement of the Marine's lawsuit against him.
In closing, once the above is accomplished to the full satisfaction of the American people, we will consider violating our Constitutional Rights to answer your Stalinesque request. --------------------------------------------So now we see the sides lining up against America: Barry (strings pulled by Rahmbutt and Soreholes), the Senate, led by Dingy Reid, the Politboto on the Potomac, led by Blinky Nazi Piglosi, the IRS (always the enemy of freedom), ACORN (always the enemy of freedom), AARP (losing members daily), and the union goons at UAW, SEIU, etc). Now, the Federal Colossus wants to look at their competitor's books in order to write legislation? Redo their healthcare scam? This goes beyond the pale and is something that Lenin or Stalin would have squeezed out on the throne. This is nothing less than a flagrant violation of the Constitution...AGAIN! And once again it's the LIBERALS doing it! There can no longer be ANY DOUBT that America is in a Constitutional crisis started by and kept running by...LIBERALS. The GOP, or better still, the American Conservative Party needs to stand up for the Constitution and demand the resignation or impeachment of everyone involved in this crap. Nostrilus Waxman is nothing more than a pint-sized Himmler who, after being bullied as a kid for being the Phantom of the OPera's lookalike, now abuses any power that he can get his grubby paws on.

It's seriously evident that these vermin play by a whole set of different rules, that is, the Alinsky rules. Therefore, WE should not be bound by the rules of fair play, assertive free speech, or the rules of democratic actions. Nope, this is no longer enough to win this war for our country. In the words of Marsellus in "Pulp Fiction," "I'm gonna get medieval on your a s s." THIS is the only thing these commie thugs, like their Soviet counterparts understand/understood, is force. Brutish, thuggish force. One cannot reason with a criminal like Nostrilus Waxman. It never works. It did not work for Chamberlain with Hitler, it did not work in Korea with Kim Il in 1950, and it won't work here at home now.

My friends, what we are seeing now is the battle of freedom versus tyranny. The tyranny of the left versus the freedom lovers on the right. Comrade Barry takes charge and declares that the financial company execs are evil capitalists and then takes over the financial institutions. Then, the Big Three are declared evil by Barry and the auto-making companies are seized (with dividends to the UAW who shilled for Barry). Now it's the evil insurance companies turn. Then it will be the oil companies. Then the communication companies (bye bye Rush, Sean, Levin, and freedom of speech).


In retrospect, we should probably be happier than a pig rolling in sh*t that Barry was elected. He's given Conservatives and Conservatism a HUGE shot in the arm. Those of us in the Saint Crispin's Day Society KNEW that if McShamnesty had been elected, we'd have taken a gut punch. The election of Barry the Bumbler and TOTUS has energized Conservatives it like nothing else could. TEA PARTIES in 2009? Who'da thunk it possible in November 2008? The RINOs siding with Barry have been targeted and now freedom-loving, fiscally responsible, Constitution-loving advocates of small government have a serious shot at regaining control of the GOP.

Maybe it's true, it's always darker before the dawn.

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