August 7, 2009

An Email From A Lib

The Gunny got an almost coherent, well-thought out, and lucid email from a liberal last night. He was stunned. It requires a reply.--------------------------------------------------From: GP*****45 @ Sent: Wed 8/05/09 8:34PMTo:[No subject]
You are great at arguing and fighting like most right-wingers are but do you realize that the things you say are the same things Hitler said about Socialists? Liberalism is not fascism as you say over and over. You say we are in denial but you're wrong. Why do you attack President Obama. Not all liberals spout the talking points comnig out of Soros (as you say) and a few of us actually think for ourselves. We don’t need people like you smearing Barack Obama, our President, when he has not done anything to deserve it. You should be giving him a chance to show what he and his administration can do for America before tearing him down. You guys who attack him are bneath him and I admire him for not lowering himself to your level! He truly wants to unify our country. He wants to make it better for every citizen. We should give him our support and help him in his efforts. If you love America you will do it. America is going to be all Democrat because we won and won big. You guys really need to take a break and give him a chance. I am a Democrat and a Jew who voted for Gore, Kerry, and now Obama. I refuse to let this country be run by people like you. Just relax and give the man a chance.----------------------------------------------------------------
Wow, where to start?

1. The Gunny spouts the same stuff that Hitler said about communists? Here are a few quotes from the guy Louis Farrakhan (friend of barack)reveres.

a. How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think. (Did Hitler see Democrats in 2008 in a dream?)

b. If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. (Did Hitler foresee Robert Gibbs in a dream?)

c. The art of leadership... consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention. (Sounds like Saul Alinsky read a little Hitler befoire writing Rules for Radicals.)

Now the Gunny has NEVER promulgated such nonsense. Indeed, he has touted critical thinking skills, real leadership skills and real gravitas, and telling the TRUTH, even when it hurts. Sorry libby, you missed on that shot.

Wait, maybe the lib WAS right in one small instance. Hitler wrote: "Great liars are also great magicians." The Gunny HAS referred to Barry as a liar and a fakir, able to trick his sheep into following him, almost magically!

2. Liberals are not fascist and not in denial. Good God, the Gunny could write a book on liberal fascism, wait, Jonah Goldberg already DID! But here are some good examples of liberal fascism.

a. Hitler mobilized the masses with a demand for "change." That is, "Alles muss anders sein!," or everything must be different. Indeed, a naazi poster declared, "Unite for Change!"
b. In "Rules for Radicals" Alinsky writes an entire section on "The Ideology of Change."
c. The motto of the Obama campaign was "change." A buzzword for Barry is "unify."
d. In Mein Kampf, Hitler used the phrase, "the movement" over 200 times. Oddly enough, this same phrase was used on Barry's change.gocv site!
e. He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future. Hitler. This sounds somewhat like Barry's various discussions on "forced" volunteerism AND creating a Civilian National Security Force, just like Hitler did with the SD/SA.

So libby, it appears that when the Gunny links your boy Barry to fascists like Hitler, he's dead on the money. Liberalism and fascism are like peas in a pod.

3. Liberals are not in denial. (Okay, the Gunny laughed until he cried reading that. Ol Libby is a SERIOUS kool-aid drinker but in the spirit of saving a liberal from eternal damnation in hell, sitting through Ted Kennedy speeches for eternity, here we go.

Here is a short list with MORE instances of liberal denial:

1. Liberals deny they are liberal. We see this every day when a liberal is campaigning. Barry did it well, making himself appears a centrist and then veered "HARD A PORT!" when he gained office. This is the norm for libs. 2. Liberals deny that the Lapdog Media is liberal or liberally biased. Rather memos anyone? Olbermann, Chrissy Matthews, Cupcake Kouric?3. Liberals deny that they idolize statists and other tyrants. Right. Carter kowtows to Castro. Barry bows to Faud, sucks up to Chavez, and dances with Castro. Hell, the NY Obama Times LOVED Stalin and covered for him (Walter Duranty's writings)4. Liberals deny that reducing the number of guns, which they LOVE TO DO, results in an increase in crime. 5. Liberals deny that the surge worked in Iraq but now Levin calls for one in Afghanistan.6. Liberals deny how they and their fellow travelers lie and obfuscate the facts. ("I promise not to raise taxes on the middle class." Obama)7. Liberals deny that tax cuts stimulate the economy. (The cuts in the 20's, 60's, and 80's prove differently)8. Liberals deny that state run health care in Britain, France, and Canada really sucks. ( Liberals deny that that unions hamper production and stifle employment opportunities. (And that they're corrupt as hell)10. Liberals STILL Deny that Islamic extremism is a threat to the US and Western civilization.11. Liberals deny that climate models and forecasts fifty years from now are as inaccurate as fifteen days from now.12. Liberals VICIOUSLY deny that illegal aliens contribute to crime, rising health care costs, and poverty in the areas they occupy.

13. Liberals STILL deny that BJ Bubba lied to a Federal Grang Jury and tried to intimdate witnesses.

14. Liberals deny that oil drilling will lower gas prices and give us energy independence.15. Liberals UNBELIEVEABLY deny that they are intolerant of opposing viewpoints. (WH Snitch email: 16. Liberals UNBELIEVABLY deny that they work to stifle discussion. (See above AND see the Fairness Doctrine)17 Liberals deny that socialism and liberalism have the same: political agenda, methods, and ultimately, results.
18. Michael Dukakis and Hillary Clinton BOTH refused to admit in a presidential debate that they were liberals. (1988 and 2007) 19. Liberals DENY that Bush kicked the crap out of global terrorists.20. Likewise, Liberals STEADFASTLY DENY that under Clinton, the following events happened: the Khobar tower bombed in Saudi Arabia, two US embassies were bombed in Africa, the US embassy in Manila was bombed, the USS Cole was bombed, Rwanda genocide, Balkans, the missiles hit an empty aspirin factory in the Sudan, Mogasidishu and Blackhawk down, etc, etc, etc.Lastly, and the Gunny's favorite. 21. Liberals deny that ACORN fraud got Obama elected.

As far as Barry's working to help America goes:

1. The stimulus package. This bill is 99% pork, from start to finish.
2. Obama bowing to King Faud.
3. Obama's bash America tour in Cairo.
4. Obama’s housing relief plan. A total joke.
5. Throwing weekly White House parties. 100.00 per pound wagyu beef!? Stevie Wonder? Earth, Wind, and Fire?
6. Bungling his first meeting with the English Prime Minister Brown and family.
7. "The Cambridge Police acted stupiidly."
8. Nationalized General Motors.
9. Acted without Constitutional authority in setting CEO pay.
10. Acted without Constitutional authority in appointed CommieCzars.
11. Basically abandoned Israel, our lone Mid-East ally while embracing PLO, HAMAS, and Hezbollah.
12. Got punked by Putin.
13. Got punked by China.
14. Got punked by Chavez.
15. Trying to pass a bogus health care reform that is not needed.
And on and on...

Well Libby, there is your answer. While the Gunny is certain that it will ricochet off of your tinfoil hat, no one can ever say that the Gunny refuses to try to help a lost soul.

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