August 26, 2009

Move Over Al Gore, Scaremonger Obama Is Here

From Martha’s Vineyard where everything, including summer, this year’s tomatoes, and liberty are dying, the president of a nation is sending scare spitballs back at the very people he is supposed to be serving.
Between rounds of golf and long walks on the beach, El Presidente keeps himself busy spinning fright nights.
No crafts for this family when Daddy finds it more fun trying to scare the masses like a mean-spirited political shock jock.
Before departing for his seashore holiday, it was another “let’s demoralize ‘em” Friday with the somewhat startling news that the national debt has jumped from $7-trillion to $9-trillion.
Engines of Air Force One had barely cooled when news came that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder would be hunting down torture interrogators in the CIA.
That happy news was followed by a president’s panel warning Americans Monday that not only is swine flu coming back with a vengeance this fall, but that up to 90,000 of them—most of them kids—could die.
“The advisers’ 68-page report paints a “plausible scenario” in which 60 million to 120 million people in the U.S. will be sickened by the virus and hospital emergency rooms overwhelmed.” (Daily Mail, Aug. 25, 2009).
Homesick already for mainstream media attention by Tuesday, Barry-Oh-Whatsizname took to the airwaves announcing that Goody Two Shoes Ben Bernake was being renewed as Chairman of the Federal Reserve.
How’s your golf swing, Mr. President?
It would seem that the current semi-occupant of the White House is just another political hack that would try to scare people half to death.
While he and his family are licking ice cream cones and pulling salt water taffy, American parents must contemplate sending their youngsters back to school with a pandemic on the way.
Move over Al Gore, your scaremongering is being trumped by no less than Barack Obama.
While Obama collects overdue `R & R’ in Martha’s Vineyard, many of his senators and `congress people’ are holed up anywhere where the Town Hallers can’t find them.
Obama could be a stand up comedian were it not for the nastiness of frightening and demoralizing decent folk back on the mainland trying to slug it out to put school age children in shoe leather.
This president is making a historical record that goes far beyond what his cult celebrates. He’s the first anti-American president who spends his holidays playing the scaremongering boogeyman.
If Barack Obama really wants to scare the masses, all he really has to do is let the MSM send another one of those pictures of Michelle sporting her trademark look of resentment.
Now that’s really scary!

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