December 20, 2008

Obama and gun control

This is an article from American Conservative Daily but it is worth reprinting....On December 7th Barack Obama pulled ou

t one of the oldest liberal talking points ever. He said he supports, “common sense” gun control and that “lawful gun owners have nothing to fear.” Of course there are a lot of problems with that statement. First of all the Constitution already gives us the frame work of what gun control laws we can and cannot have. It says, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The fifth amendment tells us only when this and other rights may be stripped and that we may not, “be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” So criminals are the only people that can have their right to keep and bear arms denies. Which leads to the second part of his statement.
Liberals, like Barack Obama, will strive to make keeping certain types of arms and bearing them in certain ways illegal and thus then deny the people the right to keep and bear arms based on such. In other words, he will violate the second amendment’s limitation on government power to then use other aspects of law to claim that you no longer have a right under the second amendment. It is the same sort of circular logic liberals always use and that always gets them in hot water.
But there is a reason why he made this statement. He is scared. He is scared because he has seen that people are not fooled by his denials of how anti-second amendment he has been throughout his life and he is watching the American public arm itself. The stories continue to roll in about the booming business gun stores across the country are doing.
Like this one from the Sun Sentinel:
Delray Beach - In the first week of November, the Delray Shooting Center sold more guns and ammo than it normally does in a month. Since then, sales have held steady at double October’s pace, and owner Mike Caruso said December “is looking crazy.”
The shop wasn’t the only one, as worries spread that a Barack Obama administration in Washington might curtail gun rights, particularly sales of assault rifles. Gun dealers across Palm Beach and Broward counties are reporting surges in sales.
In the Illinois Legislature and the U.S. Senate, Obama backed tighter gun laws. He also has consistently asserted that the Second Amendment protects the individual’s right to bear arms.
“I believe in common-sense gun safety laws … so lawful gun owners have nothing to fear,” he said Dec. 7.
Still, gun rights advocates think they are in for a fight.
“He’s a gun-grabbing liberal and that’s all there is to it,” Caruso said. “He’s going to restrict the ownership of specific types of firearms. When you start messing with a little piece of the pie, eventually there will be nothing left but bottle rockets and slingshots.”
And this article from the The Intelligencer:
WHEELING - Barack Obama’s win in the November presidential election boosted sales for Shooters Inc., said owner Bill Monahan. But Monahan now has a problem - he’s having troubling restocking his shelves.
Gun sales at several local businesses have increased since Obama was elected. Monahan said Wednesday that sales surged at his Bridgeport-area business following Obama’s win, as gun enthusiasts who fear Congress and the incoming administration will limit gun ownership flooded U.S. gunshops and cleared the shelves with purchases. Now, Monahan said he’s short on inventory, and the shelves aren’t being replenished quickly enough to suit his needs.
“You can see mirrors in here where the guns used to be,” Monahan said. Sales “went through the roof of every gunshop in the land. … But the pipelines are dry.”
Monahan said, following the election, the hottest items in gunshops were semi-automatic weapons and handguns. He said, however, that demand exceeded supply by such a great margin he is having trouble restocking his shelves.
Make no mistake, reports like these have liberals quaking in their boots. Armed people are always harder to keep under boot. The British with their high taxes and arbitrary government learned that lesson the hard way and the time may soon come when Washington, DC learns that same lesson judging by the looks of things.

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