December 19, 2008

NASCAR will never fail

Just came across an article from another extremely biased AOL "journalist" yesterday called something like "Let NASCAR die if Detroit gets a bailout". Obviously this uniformed moonbat has never watched a race in his life and also has no idea how NASCAR is run. First lets be very clear that NASCAR has absolutely nothing to do with the big 3 automakers running amok and destroying their respective companies. NASCAR has done more to help auto sales of the big 3 than any one entity that I can think of. Thanks to the research and development teams of both NASCAR and the big 3, we have seen countless innovations that have come from the race track to be Incorporated into the cars we drive back and forth everyday. Sure the big 3 supply parts for the race cars engines and chassis but please don't forget the sponsors you also see on the cars like DuPont and USG. These companies invest millions upon millions to advertise their product. And what better way to advertise in front of millions of fans each week. There was an old saying that had to do with racing; What wins on Sunday, Sells on Monday. This AOL writer, I came to the conclusion, just doesn't seem to want to hear facts and probably just buys into all the stereotypes that are wrongly associated with the sport. What if the makers of basketballs and bail bonds needed a bailout..I wouldn't want the NBA to go under now would I?

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