October 4, 2009

Lib Morality Explained

Gaypatriot explains what is okay to left-liberals, and what is not okay.

1 - A rich, famous brother of a Democrat President who drives drunk off a bridge and murders a young woman who was not his wife: OKAY
2 - A famous Hollywood Director who intoxicates, then rapes a 13 year old girl, confesses to it and then runs from the law for 30 years: OKAY
3 - A Democrat President who sexually harasses an intern under his employ in the Oval Office then lies under oath: OKAY
4 - A Republican Congressman who texts with 17-18 year old boys but never met them: NOT OKAY
5 - A Democrat Senator currently with leadership status who was the elected “Exalted Cyclops” in the Ku Klux Klan and repeatedly used racial slurs on television until he became too old and his words slurred: OKAY
6 - A Republican Congressman who yelled at a President who happens to be African-American: NOT OKAY
7 - A Democrat school teacher, now Presidential “Safe Schools Czar”, who did nothing when a teenager told him of dangerous sex habits with older men: OKAY
8 - A liberal late night talk host targets the children of a former Republican VP candidate with rape jokes: OKAY (and hilarious!)
9 - A liberal Late Night host sexually harassing employees on his staff: ALSO OKAY
Gaypatriot left out a few that I could think of:

10. Democrat Congressmen has sex with an underage male page — OKAY (Re-elected 9 times after censure.)

11. Liberal Director rapes 12 year old boy, and goes on to make mainstream Hollywood movies that fetishize violence against teenage boys — OKAY

12. Republican Senate Candidate takes his own wife to a sex club where nothing happens — NOT OKAY

And a correction to GayPatiot's Number 7: Instead of doing nothing, the safe school czar encouraged the fifteen year old kid to continue the inappropriate relationship, and covered it up from authorities.

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