October 14, 2009

Armed Revolution A Foregone Conclusion??

Is armed revolution a foregone conclusion?

Why was the First American Revolution fought?

1. England needed money for their empire’s expansion, and thus, they taxed the Colonists for just about everything under the sun. Kind of like how the Federal government does things today. For example, ObamaKare needs a few trillion? No problemo says Nancy Pelosi, we’ll just slap a VAT (Value Added Tax) on Americans. Then, like today, Americans didn’t want to pay it.

2. England sent in the troops and the tax collectors in possession of “general” warrants to search people’s homes to things to tax or contraband, etc. Americans got mad then, as we are now, (Tea Party 12 Sep 09) and threatened to resist.

3. The British moved to seize guns and powder at Lexington Green. American’s then fired the “shot heard ‘round the world.”

In a nutshell, a government imposed high taxes, tyranny, an armed invasion of homes, a violation of privacy, and an abolition of certain God-given rights. Americans resisted the tyranny through peaceful means at first, petitioning the King of England. Their pleas were ignored, over and over and over and over, almost like Congress ignoring the will of the people over Porkulous, Cash for Clunkers, Bailouts of the Big Three, Bailouts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, ObamaKare, etc. Thus, America was born in an act of resistance to tyranny!

So where are we at right now? Our Government, run by Liberals and a few RINOs (Snowe for one):

1. Spent 787 BILLION in a massive "stimulus" package, full of pork.
2. Took over the Big Three and then gave it to the UAW.
3. Is working to impose mandated ObamaKare for us even though we say NO!
4. Is working to regulate the salaries of CEO’s in PRIVATE industry.
5. Is trying to force Cap and Trade on us. (Government energy regulation and taxation of energy usage.)
6. Supports community organizers (ACORN) with taxpayer funding.
7. Is working to increase Capital Gains Tax by 60%!
8. Refuses to drill for domestic oil, thus keeping us energy DEPENDENT.
9. Is working to regulate PRIVATE health care insurance.
10. Refuses to implement tort reform.
11. Supports a federal regulation (fairness doctrine/local regulation) of radio stations.
12. Seeks to bail out their propaganda organs in the newspaper industry.
13. Refuses to rid us of illegal aliens.
14. Refuses to follow the Second Amendment at the highest levels, i.e., Eric Holder.
15. Is working to restrict the First Amendment, i.e., Obama vs. Rush Limbaugh/Fox News/Sean Hannity.
16. Refuses to side with freedom in Honduras while backing a Marxist named Zelaya.
17. Collaborates with dictators like Castro and Chavez.

Many of us reading this are Constitutional Conservatives. In a nutshell, we believe in the limits imposed on the Federal Government by the Constitution AND we believe that Conservatism, as outlined by such great minds as Burke, Eliot, WF Buckley, etc, We also believe in a republic of largely independent states. The First American Revolution was fought for a country that would the citizen’s natural God-given right to liberty, hence the words, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” not what the liberals (especially THIS administration) would impose on us, “death panels, taxation, and government-imposed tyranny.

One of the [many] failing points of public education is that people are no longer taught what exactly IS a Republic. A Republic government is one that exercises a set of limited powers and NARROWLY defined functions, which are delegated to it by the will of the people. This is not a surrender of rights or will but an agreement that a small group of officials, answerable to the people, are sent to DC to do the “will of the people”, in regular and free elections. Unfortunately, many Americans are under the impression that we’re a Democracy, a form of mob rule really, and it’s a lie promulgated by the left for decades. A Democratic government, as stated above, is mob rule in a polite form. There are no limits to government power, as we’re seeing unfold on the Hill with Porkulous, Cash for Clunkers (US subsidizing other people’s new car purchases), ObamaKare, etc. If we object, as we are, we’re told that the majority rules. Exactly what our Founding Fathers fought AGAINST! The tyranny of the many over the few.

In a Republic, always remember that the government exercises narrow powers delegated to it by the people, who possess such power themselves wherein a Democracy, the rules come from the mob’s current flavor of the moment. Liberals will say that a Democratic government can be limited but this is nothing less than Stalin’s Big Lie technique at work. ONLY a Republican government can be limited in scope and size, hence the “Republican” Party that used to believe in such a thing but sadly, lose their way. For example, there is no right that people can steal from their neighbor in order to be more “equal” thus the government doesn’t have the power to create a welfare state, yet FDR did just that. The people cannot write checks beyond what is in their bank account yet the Federal Reserve, led by Congress and the President, do just that!

For example, here is how liberals use “mob rule” against us.

1. Liberals mandated in 1977 that banks must provide loans to people in the inner cities who have no credit, no money and are considered bad risks. (A violation of economic and free market principles)

2. Liberals mandated in the CRA that they would prevent bank expansions and impose lawsuits if any bank refused to give loans to people with risky credit. Oddly enough, Barack Obama, as an ACORN lawyer, sued banks for not making enough loans to these people! (A violation of economic and free market principles with a hefty dose of Federal tyranny to boot).

3. Liberals used OUR TAX DOLLARS to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that THEY used to BACK the bad loans! Liberals working to destroy the financial system.

Indeed, the very people responsible for our entire financial meltdown are in power blaming the Republicans for this mess and many Americans are, or were before the Tea Party uprising, too stupid to figure it out! The Democrats created and enforced the CRA. It was Thomas Jefferson who said, "the people are the ultimate guardians of their own liberty." Time to wake up folks.

15 April 2009: the first shot was fired. Roughly 700 anti-tax “Tea Parties” erupted across the nation. The Lapdog media, really nothing more than courtiers to Obama, ignored them or as on CNN, called them “tea baggers,” a reference to a sexual practice that liberal men do to one another. Laughingly, Obama stated that he was unaware of the tea parties but later called them something dangerous that could become “unhealthy.” What does that mean? Americans cannot express their anger in free protests as allowed under the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence? When did we swear alleigance to King Barack? Never. We swore allegiance to the Constitution! To protect and defend it against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic. And an oath once sworn cannot be unsworn. If you guessed that the Gunny is in high dudgeon over all of this, you win a cigar.

4 July 2009: the second shot came with thousands of America citizens, from sea to shining sea, gathering to protest “taxation without representation,” which it IS when liberal politicians and their RINO/CINO allies are spending OUR MONEY willy-nilly. Case-in-point: Obama gives 2 BILLION of our money to Brazil so that THEY can drill for oil off of THEIR coast! The courtiers called us terrorists, mobsters, and called the entire affair right-wing nutjobs and kooks, and dismissed it.

August and September 2009: This was actually volley fire aimed point blank at politicians in Townhalls who backed Obama’s health care reform package! American citizens put the fear of God into them as they shouted down their calls for government tyranny, higher taxes, and a submission to government. Then 1.7 MILLION Americans marched on DC on 12 Sept 09. Obama and his Lapdog media called us a Conservative fringe group or more laughingly, Republican agents agitated by Rush Limbaugh and Fox News! Oh yeah, and Sean Hannity too! We’re mad as hell that our Representation is passing bills THEY DO NOT READ and furthermore, WON’T LET US READ! (Baucus Bill for one) We’re forced to suck down taxpayer-financed bailouts, subsidies (cash for clunkers), buyouts, rescue plans, porkulous plans, and government tyranny (CEO pay regulation for example), with no public platform to vocalize our disagreement, and our only option is to email or call Congress, which are ignored as was the pleas to King George in 1770-1775. Now we’re exploding in anger and ObamaKare is just another big government plan to control our lives and make us PAY for it, once again telling us what we can or cannot do

America has some serious issues folks:

The dollar is plummeting and the government, led by Obama could care less. Hell, they're printing MORE money to cover their debt.

The Congress is spending trillions of dollars it does not have in order to impose a socialistic tyrannical rule over us.

The Congress has the lowest approval rating in our history and tried to pass the largest tax increase in American history with Crap and Tax.

The Lapdog media refuses to report anything adverse on their demi-god Obama who hates America.

Perhaps the most frightening is that American citizens are STILL more concerned over the death of a pedophilic fruitcake singer or that Ellen is on American Idol now than in what their government is trying to impose on them!

A Republican government’s main duty is to protect the individual’s right to life, liberty, their private property, and of course, the pursuit of happiness. In this area our current government gets an “F”. Our fellow Americans are being murdered, robbed, pillaged, etc, by illegal aliens and they do nothing. No, they actually DO do something, they write in ObamaKare that WE have to PAY for their health care, thus guaranteeing MORE illegals on the way! Our federal government has become something ugly, corrupt, and tyrannical. They seek to rule over us and this is not only wrong but criminal. They refuse to reform social security, they refuse to prosecute tax evaders like Rangel, Solis, Ghietner, and instead, put them into positions of power. They refuse to implement tort reform. They refuse to allow competition across state lines for health insurance carriers. They refuse to follow the Second Amendment and force us to SUE THEM for our rights! They refuse to follow their oaths of office and that is simply despicable.

We must cease believing politicians’ WORDS and look at their DEEDS! This the Lapdog Media failed to do with Obama, as did the idiots who voted for him. How do know a politician is lying? Their lips are moving. We no longer have representation in our government. The few good politicians are outweighed by tax and spenders like Pelosi, Reid, and Obama who are not only rich, but enjoy the finest life has to offer, all on our dime. The Second American Revolution started in April and it’s a fight for what America was supposed to be and could be again. We watch as Obama uses the power of government to destroy the lives of private citizens like Joe the Plumber and attack those who disagree with him, i.e., Limbaugh and Hannity, which is an un-American as it gets. Americans do not attack freedom of speech but liberals are doing just that. Is that not a declaration of war on the American people? When liberals refuse to defend our borders against illegal aliens, is that not a repudiation of their sworn duty? When liberals like Eric Holder refuse to allow us our Second Amendment rights what is that if not an attack on our God-given rights as a free people in a free country? Washington wrote: “Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages,” and that should be our motto. We are resisting tyranny by all peaceful means but when the government does not listen, when they do not care to listen, and when they move to oppress us, what else is there BUT violence? May God prevent that from happening but one has to wonder would it be better to fight in the streets for a free America or submit as slaves?

In closing, the Gunny would leave you with one quote: “I know not what course others may take, but for me, give me liberty or give me death.” Patrick Henry. Can we choose any other course today? Do we have a duty for follow on generations of Americans to fight for our freedom in the face of prison or death today? Will politicians listen and heed us or will they, like King George, ignore us at their peril? In any event, the Gunny prays that we don’t shirk our duty as a free people, whatever direction it goes. Freedom over tyranny my friends, at any cost.

Stay Engaged.


  1. This is exactly how many, many Americans felt during the eight-year slow motion trip into the ditch that GWB took us on. Talk about ignoring the people -- we had _millions_ of people protesting the Iraq war, dwarfing your little tea party tantrums. We were ignored. If you really want to turn your (probably temporary) minority political footing into an armed insurrection, you will be beaten down as traitors. And beaten down by patriots, I might add. You lost the election, and for a reason. If you'd spend half as much time thinking about constructive ways to help as you've spent planning bloodshed, we might listen to you. But no, all we get from you is anger, faux outrage, 'block and blame.'